May: Portland’s Whisk{e}y Cocktails

Veteran Portland barman, Jordan Felix, visits Vancouver Island for the May installment of new Victoria dinner series; ‘Houseguest’.

April 29th, 2015 – Victoria, BC, Canada – For Immediate Release

Our first sold out event in April was a hit with local diners, who were treated to a delicious meal from Chef Lisa Ahier (SoBo – Tofino) and Chef Ali Ryan (Spinnakers – Victoria).

This month, don’t miss a one-of-a-kind paired cocktail dinner served family-style from two noteworthy purveyors of quality spirits and craft cocktails, and award winning local Chef Bradley Holmes.

About our Houseguest:

Cocktail culture in the Pacific Northwest has grown from a fledgling unknown to a world-class expression of the craft. At the heart of the vibrant scene in Portland, Oregon is the Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library. Holding an exhaustive collection that represents all major, and lesser, styles of distilled spirits known to the modern world, their team has built a veritable beverage encyclopedia with over 1500 spirits served table-side, either as a hand-crafted cocktail, or in their purest form.

This champion of this program and Bar Manager of the Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library is Australian transplant, Jordan Felix. A veteran barman, Jordan first made his mark in Portland behind the wood at Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s trendsetting venue, Clyde Common.

Known amongst his peers as a bartender with an impressive intuitive feel for balance and harmony in the cocktails he makes, he reinforces this through constant education, tasting, training and study. He has a thoroughgoing knowledge of all the spirits categories, and a well nigh complete categorization of the thousands of cocktail variations, from the classic pre-Prohibition drinks to the uber-trendy cocktails of the moment. And if he doesn’t know the precise details, give him only a bit of information and Jordan can quickly come up with his own variation. He does it with such charm, such ease, and such understated efficiency, it is a pleasure both to watch him work and to sample his wares.

About our Host:

It is tough to discuss Cocktail Culture on the Island without including Shawn Soole in the same sentence; he literally wrote the book. As an unapologetic perfectionist who constantly pushes the bar, he has been a driving force in the industry as he made his way from his Australian home to put down new roots in Victoria. Presently, he can be found behind the bar at OLO, continuing to elevate the art of the cocktail on the West Coast.

While many restaurants boast about their farm-to-table philosophies, OLO Executive Chef and owner, Bradley Holmes, knows relationships are forged over food. He fills OLO’s kitchen with quality B.C. ingredients, such as island-raised beef, fish plucked straight out of nearby waters, and produce tenderly grown by our local farming friends. The word “Olo” translates to “hungry” in Chinook Jargon, a derivative language of English, French, Chinese and Chinook. Just as the Pacific Northwest was a gathering place for traders hawking their wares in pioneer days, OLO celebrates Cascadia’s role as a cultural melting pot by serving as a hub for neighbours to gather and break bread.

The Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library:


Cocktail Culture:

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